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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Termites

Most of us have faced termite infestation either at home or work. Do you know that a termite colony can consume about 15 pounds of woods in a week? The houses with high moisture content and warmer climates are more prone to this termite infestation.

Termites are small insects that feed on the dead plant materials or wooden fixtures (like racks, doors, windows, shelves, wooden furniture and flooring). No one want these pests to stay in and around their home but the thing we have to remember is to understand some basic facts before clearing these termites from the home.

Do you know that they are basically 5 types of termites known as dampwood, conehead, Formosan, drywood and subterranean termites which can live in any location? The most common one among these 5 termites is drywood which feeds on wooden objects whereas subterranean termites will make their mounds outside but can access into the home through extensive tunneling from underneath.

How to find out a House is infected with Termites?

Here we are providing you some warning signs that let you know your home is infested with termites.

  • If you find any cracked or bubbled paint on the wall, then the termites may be eating the interior of the structure and reached the coating or surface of the paint.
  • When a solid wood sounds hollow (creates a slight echo) then termites may be feeding on the cellulose inside it.

Causes of termites infestation:

Before going to know how to get rid of these termites, you have to identify what are the causes for these termite infestation. Let’s get started…

  • Warm weather and humidity
  • Lack of sunlight and proper ventilation
  • Piling up of mulch
  • Moisture filled damp walls or woods in and around the house
  • Usage of scrap wood while constructing
  • Cracks in the house and clogged gutters, damp drainage pipes.

Always remember that termites are not seasonal pets and you can face this problem throughout the year. Other than calling to pest control or getting professional help every time, why don’t you follow some natural ways to control and terminate these termites completely from your home?

Here in this article, we are providing some natural remedies that help you a lot in disinfecting your home and make it free from termites and other pests.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Termites:

Whenever you find these termites entered into your compound then you should definitely give a trial to these natural measures to get control over termites and make your home free from pests.

Let’s get started…

Remedy – 1: (Wet Cardboard Trap)

Using a wet cardboard is a nontoxic way of killing termites. The termites feed the cellulose in cardboard and thereby the woody smell of this cardboard will be irresistible to the termites.

Steps to be followed…

  • Take some corrugated cardboard boxes and wet them thoroughly.
  • Now put these boxes in the places where you find a termite infestation.
  • Then you will notice the termites colonizing and feeding the box after a couple of minutes.
  • Remove the box and burn it to eliminate the termites from your home and furniture.
  • Repeat the same process if needed till you notice your home is free from these pests.

Remedy – 2: (Oregano Oil)

The usage of oregano oil has showed the mortality rate of 68 – 96% and thereby it is used widely as the best remedy to remove these insects and pests. The active ingredient called d – limonene in oregano oil will help to kill the termites effectively (especially drywood & subterranean termites).

Steps to be followed…

  • Take some oregano oil and apply on the area where you find colonies of termites.
  • Leave it like that and reapply it as needed for several days till the termites are cleared.


  • Or simply drill small holes in that infested surface and pour this oil into the hollow spaces. Continue this process several days by depending upon the severity of the infestation.
  • Consumption of oregano oil is injurious to health. So, avoid consuming it and also wear a mask while using oregano oil.

Remedy – 3: (Indian Lilac Oil)

Indian lilac (or neem) oil is a safe and nontoxic remedy for clearing the wood termites from the house. The regular usage of neem will definitely help to control the termites and other pests by simply acting as a regulator of insect growth and prevent them from molting. It also make the termites to stop laying eggs and feeding on the cellulose.

Steps to be followed…

  • Pour some neem oil in a small bowl.
  • Apply it on the infested furniture and other areas by using a cotton ball.
  • The action will ingest neem oil into the termites and eventually die off.
  • Re-apply this neem oil for several times until these termites are eliminated completely.

Remedy – 4: (Sodium Borate)

Sodium borate (or borax) will help to kill subterranean termites by simply shutting down the nervous system and thereby dehydrates them.

Steps to be followed…

  • Stir 1 teaspoon of sodium borate powder in 8 ounce of hot water.
  • Mix well till the borax dissolved completely.
  • Pour this solution in an empty spray bottle.
  • Spray this solution on the infected wooden surfaces.
  • Leave it like that and continue spraying this solution from time to time to clear the infestation and to prevent these termites completely.


  • Or paint your bare wooden surfaces with borate to protect them from being infested from termites.
  • Also, wear masks and gloves while handling with this boric acid and other pesticides why because the intake or inhale of this acid will cause some health issues for human beings.

Remedy – 5: (Diatomaceous Earth)

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an excellent remedy for treating various pest problems that includes termite infestation. DE abrades the outer shells of termites and thereby causes dryness and eventually dies off.

It effectively works to prevent drywood and subterranean termites from infesting your home.

Steps to be followed…

  • Take diatomaceous earth and sprinkle a thin layer of diatomaceous earth on the infested areas.
  • Repeat the same process for once daily till the termites are gone completely.


  • Slather garden grade DE all along the house foundation wall and its surrounding area to prevent the termite’s infestation.
  • Make sure to wear a mask while handling this DE.

Remedy – 6: (Soapy Water)

The usage of soapy water will form an impermeable seal on the outer shells of termites. This will destroy the respiratory system and ultimately make them die. So, you can use this soapy water solution to get rid of termites.

Steps to be followed…

  • Take 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap and pour it in 4 cups of water.
  • Stir well and pour this solution in an empty spray bottle.
  • Spray this solution in an empty spray bottle and spray this mixture on the affected wood areas and other termites infested areas.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes to get dried naturally.
  • Re-spray the mixture for several times daily till you get satisfied with the results.

Remedy – 7: (White Vinegar)

Another effective remedy for controlling termite infestation is white vinegar. It will clear the infestations in small areas with its acidic property.

Steps to be followed…

  • Squeeze out the juice from 2 lemons and mix it in 1/2 cup of white vinegar.
  • Stir well and pour this mixture in an empty spray bottle.
  • Spray this mixture on the termites infested wood areas and leave it like that to dry naturally.
  • Continue doing the same process for twice daily till the termites have cleared completely.

Remedy – 8: (Cayenne Pepper)

Cayenne pepper will help a lot in killing the pests (including termites) for clearing the infestation of the wood termites in small and localized areas.

Here are a few ways of using cayenne pepper for removing termites.

  • Take cayenne pepper powder and sprinkle it liberally on the termites infested areas. Leave it like that to get dried and repeat it for a few days to remove these termites.
  • Simply prepare a paste by mixing cayenne pepper and light vegetable oil and apply this paste on the vertical spots for once daily for a couple of days till you get relief from the problem.

Remedy – 9: (Salt)

Salt is the best remedy for clearing these tiny creatures. The regular usage of salt will keep these termites at bay and also prevent the further infestation.

Steps to be followed…

  • Take equal quantities of salt and warm water and stir well till the salt dissolves completely.
  • Fill the syringe with this salt water solution and simply inject into the termite entry points.
  • Pour this mixture all around the entry points and leave it to dry naturally.
  • Repeat the same process daily for several days till your home gets complete relief from this termite infestation.

Remedy – 10: (Essential Oils)

Essential oils are another effective remedy for eradicating the termites effectively. So, you can use oils like vetiver oil, clove bud oil, oregano oil, etc. will kill the termites and assure with no re-infestation in future.

Steps to be followed…

  • Take any of the essential oil and apply it on the wooden surface to protect it from termites.
  • Leave it like that to get dry naturally.
  • Or simply pour some essential oil in a mist sprayer and spray it on the termite infested wood and other affected areas. Let it sit for several minutes to get cleared from these pests.

Remedy – 11: (Aloe Vera)

Aloe vera is another effective natural remedy used to kill termites and other pests. It prevents the termites from consuming the wood or cellulose with its active ingredients.

Steps to be followed…

  • Take an aloe vera leaf and crush it to extract its gel.
  • Store it in a container which is filled with water and stir it well.
  • Pour this mixture in a mist sprayer and spritz it on the termite infested areas.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes and repeat the process as needed till you get complete relief from these termite insects.

Other Effective Remedies:

  • Exposing termites infested furniture or other items to sunlight will help to eliminate these pests why because termites are susceptible to sunlight then they die off due to sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. So, simply place the termite infested item in direct sunlight and repeat the action for 3 – 5 days.
  • However placing the termite infested wood in sunlight will take some time to clear them but the usage of electrocution process will help to eradicate them faster. Here we are giving some electric shock (with 90,000 volts) to the wood which is infested by termites.
  • Termites were unable to sustain in extreme cold (below -20 degrees Fahrenheit) and hot (above 120 degree Fahrenheit) temperatures. So, simply heat the infested wood in sunlight or cool it by using liquid nitrogen to get rid of these termites in a non-chemical method.
  • Sodium chloride acts as a natural insecticide that helps a lot in killing the tiny creatures like termites. So, spray the sodium chloride solution directly on the termite affected areas (or) soak cotton balls in this sodium chloride and place it on the infected area. This process not only eliminates termites but also prevents them from recurring.
  • In a study, it is proved that usage of garlic oil with higher concentration in both cold and hot water has showed results of 100% mortality of termite species. You can also use Indian lilac or tobacco for eliminating this termite infestation.
  • Canola oil is another effective oil that used to clear termites. All you need is to fill an empty glass container with canola oil and water and spray it on the termite’s infested wood areas.

Tips and Precautions:

  1. Always inspect the fencing, decking and other wood components regularly to know the early signs of infestation.
  2. If you find any cracks in the wall or sites where the utilities pass through the wall then make sure to fill them with caulk or cement to prevent the risk of further infestation.
  3. Avoid placing the wood, mulch, lumber and paper debris near the house’s foundation why because they may become a good source of food for termites. Also, wipe all the dead plant products from all around the house to prevent the risk of getting termite infestation.
  4. The usage of worms called parasitic nematodes to feed on the termites and thereby to eliminate all the pests causing trouble in your home.
  5. Always keep the moisture at bay from the home’s foundation so that these termites will get less infested in the home. Also, keep the downspouts and gutters clean.
  6. Regular inspect your water pipes and other plumbing accessories and repair them to prevent the moisture on the house’s foundation.
  7. Remove standing water on the roof and keep them clean and dry all the time.
  8. Take the help from professional or pest control agencies to get rid of these pests and other tiny creatures from your home, especially if you’re suffering from massive termite infestation.
  9. The phenol content in petroleum jelly will help to clear the termites. All you need is to rub some petroleum jelly on the dried wooden furniture and leave it for a couple of days and then use a soft cloth to polish the fixtures to remove termites.
  10. Flooding soil in and around the infested areas will kill the termite colonies instantly. This method works well in case the infestation is caused by subterranean termites.

Final Word:

Whenever you find trouble with these termites infecting your home’s furniture or wood then try these natural remedies to get rid of the problem. Do you know any other successful natural ways to kill these termites? Then share your experience with us in the below comments box.

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